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la la land

you never knew a girl could talk so much about so little

laura ivy
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  • xpunkprincessx@livejournal.com

I am:
a religious girl
a california girl
a punk rock prom queen
a grade A student naturally
a princess in a school girl's dream

I have:
eyes like bright blueberries, hair like golden corn, a butt like mashed potatos

I want:
to rock n' roll every night and sleep through every day

my life is really quite simple, my life is just what I make it

i married my prince charming on june 23, 2007.

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i planned my wedding for two years, and documented it here: laura_engaged

this bio has been brought to you with help by:
the brodys, the beach boys, josie & the pussycats, the ramones, green day, the knockoffs, the groovie ghoulies, and the go-go's.

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xpunkprincessx (Lauraroni) & blitzkriegbana (Aaroncheeze) are true love.